In our foundry we manufacture castings according to the procedure of manual forming as follows:

  • the use of wooden pattern and core boxes
  • on the basis of casting in full form

Castings are made of gray and ductile iron as well as austentic and abrasion-resistant alloys. Quality Grade Standard

  • EN GJL 200 EN 1561
  • EN GJL 250 EN 1561
  • EN GJL 300 EN 1561
  • EN GJS 500-7 EN 1563
  • EN GJS 600-3 EN 1563
  • EN GJS 700-2 EN 1563
  • EN- GJN –HV 600 EN 12513

According to customers’ requirements we also produce castings from other alloys. Our cast products are used for tools (automotive industry), gears, pulleys, flywheels, moulds, foundry equipment, enclosures, flat panels, hammers for mining and other purposes. Heat treatment of castings takes place in special furnaces. Of course all parts can be delivered ready for mounting. Weight ranges are from 150 kg to 6 tons for full form castings and to 15 tons for wooden patterns and corn boxes.