Company policy

Our main goal is to become a successful manufacturer of rolls and castings. The level of our products must be comparable to global competition. We want to meet all the customer's requirements regarding the quality of products, the timeliness of deliveries and sell them at prices that both sides will be satisfied with. We will even endeavor to overcome their expectations and thus engage in even closer and lasting cooperation. Satisfied customers should become our main advertisement on the world market.

We are aware that our work affects the environment, since we take from the environment (raw materials and other materials, energy, water, gas) and we return to it; Not only our products with the associated packaging, but also the dust, waste sand, waste water, vapors, furan resin, hardener, packaging materials, cleaning products, waste, noise in the environment. Therefore, the concern for proper management of the environment is also one of our goals. Last but not least, our customers are interested in the environment, as they also set certain environmental requirements in addition to the requirements for the quality of products.

We are also aware that employees in the foundry and in the mechanical processing, are exposed to many potential hazards from the point of view of safe work and health at work, which we want to reduce, and at the same time also reduce actual injuries. We want to provide employees with a work environment that they will be satisfied with and that will meet legislative and other requirements.

Our goals will be achieved:
• With personnel that will be professionally qualified, educated and ready to contribute actively to the overall success of our company; Everyone should be aware that they are an important part of a regulated business system and that the quality of the joint work, the management of the environment and the safe work depend on the work and contribution of each individual;

• modern and maintained production equipment that will enable the production of quality castings that will meet all world standards and minimize environmental impact;

• With modern, proven and regularly calibrated control and testing equipment, which will enable us to prevent the lover quality products from reaching our customer;

• professionally developed, developmentally supported and environmentally friendly technological processes that will provide the basis for the production of faultless products;

• an appropriate sales and marketing service capable of identifying and defining the needs, requirements, wishes and expectations of customers in terms of products and able to transfer them to the relevant functions in the company;

• with a qualified purchasing service that will ensure that all purchased raw materials and other necessary materials are quality and environmentally friendly and will thus ensure the integrity of finished products and proper management of the environment;

• With an educated, professionally qualified and well-considered management capable of managing and managing a systematically organized business process that will be able to produce perfect quality with proper management of the environment and ensuring safe work;

• by reducing the risks to work itself, by taking appropriate preventive measures to prevent injuries, as well as by raising employees' awareness of these dangers, in order to take fully into account the adopted measures for safe work;

• by meeting the requirements of standards and legislation;

• keeping in mind the principle of PDCA (plan - do - check - act) both in the management of the whole company, as well as individual services, Processes, which will ensure continuous improvement of our quality and environmental management.

The first step towards integrated quality management and environmental management in our company, and consequently the consistent fulfillment of the wishes of our customers, employee satisfaction and the wider social environment, is the establishment, maintenance and improvement of the management system in accordance with the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.


Company policy 2020