The first cast iron rolls were produced at Štore around the year 1900, i.e. for the needs of the local and the Gustanj (= Ravne) iron-works or other rolling-mills. From 1900 to 1948 the annual production capacity was approximately 50 tons for the sizes from 312 to 450 mm in diameter at the unit weight about 600 to 1,000 kgs. In the year 1950 the General Direction of Ferrous Metallurgy accepted a decree, regarding the transfer of the whole technology, equipment and staff from the foundry at Jesenice to Štore, which attained thus the level of modern roll foundries. At the same time as the transfer of the foundry technology, construction of the predestinated building for mechanical treatment of rolls started. It was equipped with the repaired machines from the war and new Waldrich machines from Siegen. The success of the conquered casting technology and roll processing was proved by the data that the roll production increased to already 2,300 tons in 1960.

The year 1960 was the first significant turning-point in roll production. The market and the contacts with foreign roll producers brought us to the conclusion that the production direction should be focused towards new roll qualities and technology. Technology would not depend on the masters’ way of thinking and his work anymore. The management foresaw a new arrangement of the technological course of materials on the basis of reorganization of the already existing working places and on the purchase of domestic and foreign equipment.

In the technological field this period was very productive; in 1964 the production of composite cast rolls was already conquered, in 1965 the indefinite chill quality was produced, chilled rolls with the hardness 90 Shc and a new kind of rolls out of the so-called nodular graphite cast steel (NGCS = NGJL). In early 90s we started installing equipment for centrifugal casting of rolls. We achieved production of double poured rolls on horizontal spun casting machine in 1997 mostly with our own knowledge and construction.

The first were indefinite chill and high chromium rolls for flat ferrous products, later, various types of sleeves, rings and peripheral bored rolls were foreseen.

Simultaneously with the development in the foundry, the realization of updating the programme of mechanical treatment of rolls has taken place, which later expanded to the new production hall with new processing machines. Our company is today capable of producing the most complicated processing types constantly following new requirements and reaching the rising standards.