Research and Development

The aim of our company is to achieve the highest standards in quality and reliability of our products. The department for research and development fosters a constant progress in all fields of roll production, from casting to their mounting in the rolling mill. We try to expand our knowledge daily with the use of internal library and through cooperation with several research institutes. Our main tasks are:

  • Developing new qualities of working layers and improving the existing ones;
  • Developing and implementing the laboratory testing equipment and other special equipment, which is obligatory for undisturbed production process (laboratory device for centrifugal casting, wear-resistance measuring device, device for various bending tests, etc.);
  • Addressing general matters in production or mounting of rolls;
  • Constant professional development by publishing professional and scientific papers in local or international magazines;
  • Active participation with contributions in the fields of casting and rolling at local and international conferences;
  • Education of co-workers and cooperation with all departments in the company;
  • Overall technical support for users of our rolls.