Mechanical Treatment for Rubber and Plastics Industry

Production process of the centrifugal casting ensures flawless and quality roll material for rubber industry, however, since the casting production is highly complex, the following mechanical treatment processes need to be performed with great attention to details on the drawings.

Therefore, our mechanical treatment consists of:

  • Pre-machining processes
  • Drilling of central boreholes
  • Drilling of peripheral boreholes
  • Heat treatment
  • Final turning
  • Milling
  • Roll assembly - closing of peripheral boreholes with rings and necks
  • Pressure test
  • Grinding:
    • Manufacture of the required roll body shape
    • Manufacture of the concentricity according to the drawing
    • Possibility of grinding in heated state
    • Reaching the required roughness of the surface - Ra on the roll, polishing, superfinishing.